Was it justice?- part 2

Beautiful lights and colorful ribbons decorated all the walls of the big living room. Lots of balloons were on the floor. Some light melodious music was put up to accompany the event. There were a lot of gathering all around. Delicious food, different cuisines, so many desserts and a big two tier cake in the center.

 On the top of it, there stood digital candles depicting the completion of fifty five years of marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Vikram. They had a single child, a well settled doctor, he was married to a beautiful lady who was a teacher and now they have two little kids-twins, a boy and a girl. So now the couple had got a higher designation of grandparents. As the kids called for them dada-dadi, they always had a big smile on their face. There was joy all around, happiness and only happiness. As the cake ceremony was completed everyone had their dinner and the night was to end. It was 1:00 am and the couple realised that it was time for their children and grandchildren to leave for their home. (Felt shocked? Should be) They weren’t celebrating it at their house.( Where? Some other place) They were at the old age home where they had left their parents five years ago. They had abandoned them and met only at such special dates. 

As all left there was sorrow all around. Now only the abandoned parents in the old age home were left. They were their only family left. Now the smile which was spread on their faces like the horizon now shrinked into a fake smile.

Why they had put their whole life in building their child into such a complete person? To see these days?

No, they don’t ask for much but at least they don’t deserve this.

The question is why this had to be done?

I leave a question to all of us,



“Avni”, “Yes mother”, “Come downstairs dear, the dinner is ready”, “coming mum” she replied. She came down, the table was laid. Her favorite’yellow dal’, rice and poori were served. 

She ate to her full, it was all so delicious. Then mother brought her favorite ‘suji halwa’ to her. She was so happy that she ate extra. Then they all went to sleep. She was dressed in a pink night suit. A soft cosy bed with colorful patterned bedsheet.

Avni laid herself down, her head on the fluffy pillow. It was cold so she took on a blanket, it was covered with her favorite pattern of bright sunflowers. She did a small prayer thanking God for everything and went into a deep sleep.

“Avni! Avni! Avni! Wake up its getting late for school” “wake up dear”. She could hear someone waking her up. She woke up and had tears in her eyes as this was all just a dream.

Avni was just an orphan ragpicker. There was no house, no room, no dining table, and no mother.

She wasn’t dressed in any pink night suit but in dark and dirty old rags. Her other ragpicker friend woke her up. These were a group of orphan children who did rahpicking to get some food and remain alive. 

It feels so sad to see little children do this. At times they don’t even have food to eat, they sleep with an empty stomach.

Look at ourselves we all have plenty of food to eat, nice and clean whole lot of clothes, a soft and cosy bed to lie but still we cry every day for small problems and stress we have. Ever looked at these children they enjoy a lot with their companions, they eat every bit they get with a lot of joy and they lie down on the cold streets, but they never complain about their life like us.

We shall learn from these children and not only learn but we should help them. If nothing big we can just buy him/her a meal someday. They will be very happy and thank you a lot.

Was it justice?

It was summers, the night was cold. Aanshi was studying for her semester exams in her room. She had her supper. Her only parent, her father was preparing her favorite kheer for her twenty first birthday. The whole house was smelling sweet, it was now ready to be served.


The father in a loving voice called for her “Aanshi, beta aa jao”. She didn’t replied, he called again and again. Each time it was the same. He then went to her room and began knocking and calling out simultaneously. There was complete silence. He tried opening the door, it was locked. He was worried, he banged in. He was shocked at what he saw and became cold. Aanshi was nowhere in the room rather was hanging by the fan. Her body was free and pale.


He went out and called for help, many people came in and someone called the police. The body was taken down and the investigation went on. As her father touched her head, everything flashed in front of him right from when Aanshi said her first word. The officer found a text at her desk which read,

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-07 at 11.34.43 AM.jpeg

. . . . . . Nobody can ever feel what he was going through. The father who sacrificed all his wishes to pay her fees, who cradled her when they both were left alone after her mother’s death, who dedicated his complete life for her, even the suicide note didn’t mentioned a sorry to him. He lost everything just because of her one mistake.

Is our generation so weak that they end their lives just for rejection or a breakup?

This life is gifted to us, we have no right to end it by ourselves. Just give it a thought what will happen to your family. They will be left to torment.


“Take counselling sessions or just talk to sensible members or friends whom you are comfortable with during the moments when you are so depressed. Help yourself, help your family.”



The ‘L’ word LOVE, we hear it every now and then. We see it, we hear it and we feel it too. Love is the purest feeling as it purifies the souls. Is it that pure today which it used to be earlier? 

I would say no. It is corrupted nowadays. People easily get into relationships and easily break off. They look at a face, get attracted to it and name it love where it is just a mere attraction which will fade away soon. Some get into relations just because they feel lonely. Others, just because they feel they should or due to pressure of the surroundings.

But love is something which comes from within. It’s something you don’t have to force yourself to feel but it’s something where you both will feel a sudden connection among yourself. 

A major reason for the corruption is held by the social media. Yes, you are thinking right, the daily posts, memes, etc you see on Facebook, Instagram and other such apps play a vital role in this. These are made for fun and the facts to be known but everyone now take it to be true. As for now, Valentine’s day is going to arrive thus we see a whole new lot of posts saying things for the singles. Like I read the other day one of them said ‘Even the tiles in my bathroom have partners but I am still single.’ which is I guess meaningless but can put up a bad impact. Shouldn’t we all take it our responsibility to see to this atleast at our own level.

But first of all we need to find out the truth. So dig deep into yourselves and find out ‘IS IT TRUE ?’.

The Sisters

Sisters! Thinking who they are ? No, no, wait I’m not gonna tell you some story. The sisters here are those two words or actually those two feelings the whole world relies on, Hope and Expectation. Like any two sisters hope and expectation are different in themselves but are always together. Whether we agree or not where there is hope expectation always lies there. May it be small as a little younger sister or an elder sister.

The process of hoping begins right when we are born, we are expected to always remain healthy and happy, studu hard and get achievements, become successful and remain in peace. These sisters often give us a reason to smile and keep moving. Without them we all would be like bodies without soul.Even the animals which can’t speak do the same. They expect care from us and hope that we won’t hurt them. 

May be these feelings won’t do much to us or may be nothing at all but they provide us inner peace. Inner peace to smile and be a happy soul. Do have expectations and hope, and smile not because you have to but because you have inner peace!


Rather than exaggerating the title, let’s move on to the main thing. We live in a free country means in a democratic one, where we have so many rights. Preliminary consists of the ‘ Fundamental Rights’ which states that each citizen of India has a right to speech, right to freedom of Religion, right to Culture and Education and the most important one right to Freedom which means we are free, but are we ? Blank! are you ? I think so

When asked about this, almost all of us will at a point become blank. When we look into ourselves, our soul knows we aren’t governed by ourselves. Nobody is governed by themselves, some give themselves to the Lord, some give their lives into their parents, some give in their entire life to helping others, I know something’s clicking your mind and that is, we can be free when we live only for ourselves, right ? 

But the answer is NO, we still aren’t, your feelings will govern you! 

Take a minute and just think about it. Ask this to yourself. Do let me know, ARE YOU REALLY FREE ? 

All the best!

I Have Her

From my initial cries to the present one’s, I have her beside me.

From my homework to my assignments, I have her beside me.

From her care to my protection, I have her beside me.

From our fights to awesome love, I have her beside me.

From the first time my heart broke, I have her beside.
From father’s scoldings to mother’s love, I have her beside me.

From the beginning to my last, I have her beside me.

She is astute, she is strong, she is tough and she is awesome,

I’m proud to know, she is my sister, the best of both world’s.

A small token for the amazing relation a sister shares! 

New Beginning


Bright new morning of a bright new day,

each new face met each other.

Days passing by meeting each day,

friendships began to take form.

Social networking, messenger, watsapp each day.

ship of friendship grew stronger.

Enjoyment and studies each day,

closeness  taking form, increased.

Talking and caring each day,

little bud of love began to grow.

Proposal, acceptance and loving each day,

love transformed to hurt.

Never ending nights after each day,

broke my heart each turn.

Songs and distraction each day,

with broken heart and pain, I still love you.



A rough dry hand, struggling to hold a little baby and calm her down was my father’s hand, which now proudly remains on my head as a symbol of his protection. The little girl now started cycling, was about to fall when he held her, as he holds her now from every evil which symbolizes his care. The little girl was now struggling in her school, he was there every time beside her like he is now, symbolizing his love which he tries to hide. She was wobbling between the right and wrong, like always he was there healing her remorseful heart.

Seasons came and seasons went but nothing could disturb him as he is solid as a rock. The good came and the bad came, but none was successful in breaking him. Right from the day I saw him first, he was working, he works even in illness and never denies his job. He is hard working, he is confident, he is bold and he is proud, he is my father the unbreakable, the best of both worlds.
Dedicated to all the unbreakable fathers of this world. 

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